Adam & Eve Kegel Ball Trio

There are a number of reasons why critics are saying Fifty Shades Darker surpasses its predecessor, but the most compelling points to a pair of silver spheres known as Ben Wa balls. They are to be inserted into the vagina and held using the strength of your vaginal muscles. The waves are not so intense, however, that they cripple the bearer with orgasms — which explains their original function: to tease. These vibrating pleasure balls aspire every woman to have more explosive orgasm while at the same time, having a healthy and tightened vagina.

Squeezing the balls strengthens your inner kegel muscles, making you feel tighter, more responsive, and more sensitive for increased sexual performance and mind-blowing orgasms. If you want to be relaxed, just warm and sooth your vagina with these vibrating ben wa balls.

For health and hygiene reasons, we cannot exchange any sex toys, adult products or health & hygiene products, unless the product is faulty. If you are not satisfied with your online purchase, you can return any item kegel balls for any reason whatsoever during the first 30 days of ownership.

When you get good at this you can even hold the balls in place while standing. They are metal, glass, plastic or silicone spherical shaped balls that vary in size, but are usually no larger than a medium sized set of marbles. Like with any muscle in your body, your vagina benefits from exercise too and with kegels, you can strengthen and tone your vaginal muscles which ultimately boosts your sexual arousal and heightens sensations during sex.

Now that I have accepted the challenge, I want you to take the Adam and Eve Vibrator Challenge as well and see how a sex toy upgrade can change your perspective and be more open to sex toys, how you embrace sexuality in all forms and be confident on yourself.

To keep your adult toys in perfect condition, always use a compatible anti bacteria toy cleaner. They also exercise your vaginal muscles, resulting in more control during sex and stronger orgasms. I love the weighted pressure of the kegel balls whenever I insert them in my vagina.

Always clean before and after use, with Adam & Eve Toy Cleaner or mild soap and water. Australia's most discreet source of vibrators, dildos, sex toys and all your online adult shop needs. Vibrating Pleasure kegel balls with a USB rechargeable feature is a futuristic toy.

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